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Dental assisting school has become a popular career route thanks to the high demand for job positions. When choosing a dental assisting school, you should consider your long-term aspirations. Dental assisting often provides a springboard toward a successful career in the industry, so choosing an extensive training program is essential. Here at Sanger Education Dental Assisting School, we pride ourselves on taking great care of our passionate students.


Our training program prides itself on providing individualized, hands-on training with Dr. Latino and his team. At the end of your externship, you will be ready to work in a dental assisting capacity with confidence and skill anywhere in the country. There is a great demand for qualified dental assistants nationwide!


At Sanger Education, we are pleased to provide one of the most hands-on curriculums available. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to: 

  • Perform basic chairside assisting techniques
  • Understand and perform aseptic techniques and management of hazardous materials
  • Identify and utilize instruments, materials, and equipment
  • Process digital dental radiographs
  • All other primary dental assisting duties


With our accumulated years of experience in dentistry, we want to share our knowledge and dedication with you. As a dental assistant, your duties vary, whether you are taking X-rays, assisting with dental treatments, or scheduling patient appointments. With our curriculum and training, you will be prepared to land a fantastic job as a dental assistant.


Our dental assisting program in Waco, Texas, offers excellent resources, and we will work with you to help you understand the curriculum to the best of your ability. To facilitate your participation in our program, we also offer financing options that can guarantee you a spot in our training program. When choosing a dental assisting school, Sanger Education makes the decision easy. With a flexible schedule, affordable tuition, and hands-on training, we’re proud to be your best choice for dental assistant training in Central Texas. Our passion is our students, and we ensure that you will walk away with the skills and experience necessary to thrive within the industry. Why look into other schools when you can go to the best dental assisting school in Waco, Texas. Become a dental assistant today!

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