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The 3 C’s of Dental Assisting

Dental assistant jobs are on the rise. The number of jobs in the field is expected to grow faster than the average rate of 19 percent between 2016 and 2026. This could mean the addition of 332,000 jobs, but is dental assisting the job for you? Along with classroom and hands-on training, an excellent dental assistant has many qualities that separate the average dental assistant from the best dental assistants. Here are the 3 C’s of dental assisting.



Dental procedures aren’t always easy on the patient. According to a study published in the Dental Research Journal, more than 58 percent of patients surveyed in the study had some form of dental anxiety. Dental assistants can soothe anxious patients with professional care and compassion and reduce their fear of pain or discomfort. The majority of your job is to be with your patients. Listening, understanding, and showing empathy for your patients are essential qualities to have. It would be best if you had compassion.



Dental assistants have multiple job duties. They greet patients, help patients into the dental chair, sterilize tools and instruments, assist the dentist during procedures – they hand instruments to the dentist, provide the patient with water, and suction the patient’s mouth) – provide the patients with dental care instructions, chart the visit, and sometimes even schedule appointments. If that list seems like a lot of job duties, it is. These duties, which dental assistants often do while interacting with the dentist or patients, require you to maintain composure. 


Chip In

Dental assisting is not just a job — it’s a career. Taking your work seriously and going the extra step to be knowledgeable is the mark of a good dental assistant. Dental offices are often fast-paced environments. Patients come in every 15 minutes, and the day is filled with appointments. The ability to chip in and help where needed is crucial. We often say the dental office can’t run without dental assistants. That is because dental assistants can multitask and are team players. 


Dental assistants are often called the glue that holds the dental practice together. From smoothing over scheduling hiccups to calming worried patients, dental assistants help the day move forward. Is dental assisting for you? Contact Sanger Education Dental Assisting in Waco, Texas, for more information about this exciting career choice.

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