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Smile Wide and Far With a 12-Week Dental Assistant Program Online in Waco

If you’re looking for a fulfilling and financially rewarding career, a dental assistant program online could be the perfect fit for you! Dental assistants are responsible for ensuring that dental procedures run smoothly, and they work alongside dentists and hygienists to provide the best possible patient care. However, life can be busy, and getting the education possible for those wanting to become a dental assistant is difficult. Fortunately, at Sanger Education Waco Dental Assisting School in Waco, Texas, we have a 12-week dental assistant program online! 

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at our 12-week dental assistant program, what you can expect from the course, and why you should consider becoming a dental assistant.

What is a 12-week Dental Assistant Program Online?

A 12-week dental assistant program is a comprehensive course that provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become an effective dental assistant. In these 12 weeks, you can expect to learn about everything from dental terminology and anatomy to infection control and dental procedures. Our 12-week dental assistant program is solely online for the first six weeks of the program. We then will move on to two weeks of hands-on training and an additional four weeks, where you will do an externship in a dental office. 

Our dental assisting school in Waco is set up to provide you with the entire experience necessary to be ready as a dental assistant while providing online courses rather than having to come in person. 

What Can You Expect From Our Course?

During the 12-week dental assistant program online in Waco, you’ll cover a wide range of topics essential to your success as a dental assistant. You can expect to learn about dental anatomy, oral pathology, dental radiography, dental procedures, and infection control. You’ll also gain hands-on experience working with dental equipment and techniques to gain the skills you need to be a successful dental assistant. Additionally, with our externship of four weeks, you work on resume building to help you land your first job as a dental assistant.

Why Should You Consider Being a Dental Assistant?

There are many reasons why a career as a dental assistant could be the perfect fit for you

  • High Demand Job: For starters, dental assistants are in high demand, so you’ll have plenty of job opportunities after completing your 12-week dental assistant program online. 
  • Job Security: Additionally, dental assistants have job security, as people will always need dental care. The average salary for a dental assistant is around $40,000 per year, making it a financially rewarding career as well. 
  • Fulfilling: Dental assisting is a fulfilling career that allows you to help people every day and make a real difference in their lives.

Enrolling at Dental Assisting School Waco

Enrolling in our 12-week dental assistant program is as easy as 1-2-3! You can enroll in our program online, and once you have submitted your application, we will send you the enrollment paperwork you will need to complete. Once the paperwork is filled out, we will send an invoice for you to make a deposit to help secure your spot for your chosen start date. Our 12-week dental assistant program online provides three and six-month payment plans to help our students pay for their courses while ensuring they receive a quality education from our instructors here in Waco. 

12-Week Dental Assistant Program Online in Waco, TX

If you’re looking for a rewarding career in the healthcare industry and live in the Waco area, then our online 12-week dental assistant program could be the perfect fit for you. With a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on experience, and a four-week externship in a dental office, our program will provide the necessary tools to help you succeed as a dental assistant. 

Whether you’re looking to help people and make a difference or want a financially rewarding career, dental assisting could be the perfect choice for you. Enrolling is easy, and classes are conveniently online for the first six weeks! So enroll in our 12-week dental assistant program in Waco today! 

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