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Becoming a dental assistant can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice for many. If you have a passion for assisting patients, love working in a dental office environment, and enjoy working with your hands, this is your ideal profession. At Waco Dental Assistant School, we have provided an excellent 12-week course for our students to ensure a fulfilling education to become a dental assistant. If you have been looking for a dental assistant school in Central Texas, look no further than our dental assistant school in Waco, Texas! 

When choosing the dental assistant school right for you, it is essential to make sure you go to a school that will thoroughly prepare you for the job. This article will discuss the qualities our dental assistant school provides and what you can benefit from when becoming one of our students. 

Hands-on Training

Becoming a dental assistant involves practical training, so looking for a school that offers hands-on training is essential. Our dental assistant school provides a 12-week online program for the first six weeks, with two weeks of hands-on training right after! Our program is focused on clinical practice and provides you with opportunities to work with actual patients after your 12-week program, where you will then go to an externship for four weeks. Our school also offers an on-site dental clinic where you will gain practical experience under the supervision of our qualified instructors. 

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are heavily educated and have worked together to bring you what our excellent Waco Dental Assistant School is today. Founded in 2018, our instructors are excellent at ensuring each student understands what they need to do as a dental assistant, promising a fulfilling education. With our various student testimonials, we have had several students who loved the education they received and the work they could get after their education. 

Strong Curriculum

A dental assistant school’s curriculum must be strong enough to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the job market. Our dental school’s curriculum is an educational 12-week dental course. The first six weeks of the course will be entirely online, giving our students an at-home education where they will learn all they need before weeks 7-8, where you will focus on hands-on training for those two weeks. 

After this, you will go to an externship that will last four weeks to learn what you need to do as a dental assistant. Our program will offer you dental anatomy, dental assistant procedures, chairside assisting, and dental radiology and imaging! 

Career Support

A good dental assistant school will provide you with career support after graduation. Our instructors are devoted to the course completion for each of their students. Once you have completed the course and earned your dental assistant certification, we will help you with resume writing, job interview techniques, and job placement services. 

Dental Assistant Schools in Central Texas

Looking for a dental assistant school that will help you succeed is crucial when starting your career as a dental assistant. Considering these key qualities, you can ensure you attend a program with the best education and preparation possible. Our dental assistant school in Waco offers an online curriculum, followed by hands-on training, with a strong curriculum with career support for when you complete the 12-week course. With these excellent qualities and our educated instructors devoted to each of their students, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful dental assistant. 

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