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A Day in the Life of a Dental Assistant

Dental assistants wear many hats. Their tasks vary from cleanings to office work and cover a wide variety of skills. Dental assistants keep the office running as they participate in so much of the patient care process. As a dental assistant, you’ll learn many skills to help you succeed in the workplace and personal life.


If you are assisting your dentist, you’ll be teaming up with the dentist on tasks. You will need to know how to mix dental materials, exchange instruments with the dentist, and offer an oral evaluation during procedures. You’ll also be involved in infection control compliance to keep your patient and dental team safe from the spread of infectious diseases. You’ll learn how to minimize the risk of spreading infectious diseases, including processing and sterilizing instruments.


However, there is more to dental assisting than assisting the dentist or sterilizing equipment. When patients come into the office, dental assistants greet them and show them to their room. Assistants will help them into the dental chair and make sure that they are comfortable. They may also take their information upfront before taking them back, depending on the dental office.


And, many dental assistants start out helping with patent communication, scheduling, and keeping updated records. This might also include communicating and coordinating with outsourced providers such as a dental lab or working with incoming referrals.


There is a lot that goes on during the day and in the day in the life of a dental assistant. As we always say, a dental office cannot run without dental assistants. If you think you have what it takes to be a dental assistant, contact us today!

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