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Is Dental Assisting School Hard?

If you are thinking about becoming a dental assistant, you are probably asking yourself these questions. What will you learn? How long will it take? Is it hard? Those considering dental assistant training should be aware of the classes required, the program’s difficulty level, and potential academic roadblocks. 

One of the great things about dental assistant school is that it combines classroom work with clinical work. Part of the time is spent in the classroom, yet time is also spent in clinical rotations, practicing chairside assistance, and using tools. Here at Sanger Education Dental Assisting School, we offer a 12-week dental assistant program in Waco, Texas that is 6 weeks online training and 6 weeks hands-on training. It is the appeal of becoming a dental assistant. This is a comparably minimal amount of time investment to enjoy a lucrative career that cannot automate in the years to come. 12-short weeks is pretty easy when comparing time spent on education in a career path.

So, is dental assisting school actually tough? You should have specific characteristics if you are going to be successful in dental assisting school. First and foremost, you must be organized. Being a dental assistant, you must be able to hand off the right tool at the right time when the dentist needs it. In most cases, you should know what the doctor needs before he or she even asks. It is anticipating their need. If you are organized you will have a much easier time in training.

You also have to be detail-oriented. There are a lot of protocols and steps that a dental assistant must follow. Those who are detail-oriented typically thrive in this line of work. Dental assistants have a lot to learn in a short amount of time. While that part can be challenging, it is very doable. Those who pay close attention to all the details will find that the training and the work as a dental assistant come completely natural.

To get through dental assistant school, you must also be a good listener. Part of the job is not only listening to the doctor but also listening to your patients. Being a dental assistant means interacting with every patient. If you are good with interpersonal and listening skills, you will likely do well in dental assisting school and a dental assistant. Those who look forward to social interactions will find dental assistant training, and working in this field feels perfectly natural. The bottom line is anyone who has the will to learn and a desire to be around people will find dental assistant school quite helpful and enjoyable.

Is dental assisting school hard? We won’t lie. It can be. But not if you enroll in a program that combines classroom work with clinical experience–and offers exceptional instructors who are there to support you every step of the way. Which is exactly what we do here at Sanger Education Dental Assisting School. If you are looking for a rewarding career as a dental assistant, enroll today!

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