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Why Dental Assistants Are Needed Now More Than Ever

Dental Assisting is one of the fastest most in-demand jobs right now. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dental assistants are needed now more than ever before, with an estimated 58,600 trained dental assistants needed by 2024. And, By the year 2026, employment opportunities for Dental Assistants will increase by nearly 20%. Dental assistants play an essential role in the dental office under any circumstances — including during a global pandemic. So, why are dental assistants needed now more than ever?

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First, oral health care is essential. Going to the dentist used to be about coming in for cleanings and exams. However, as time has passed, there have been more links between your oral health and your overall health. In fact, they have found that gum disease and tooth decay can be linked to heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and Alzhiemer’s. And now, during the pandemic, more offices have started opening their doors again. Because oral health care is essential. No matter what, people need access to oral healthcare. And the results of DANB’s October 2020 survey of 550 dental assistants show that about 40% see the same number of patients coming into their workplace as before the pandemic.

Second, there are more dentists. Dentistry is an ever-growing industry. Every year there are more and more dentists entering the workforce. In 2020 201,117 dentists were practicing in the US. Over the next decade or so, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the overall employment of Dentists to increase by over 20%. What does this have to do with dental assistants? As more dentists are put to work, they’ll need the extra help of experienced dental assistants to get the job done. Dental assistants will be in especially high demand, as their duties continue to expand to meet the needs of the growing number of patients visiting the dentist. And, now with the pandemic and more offices opening up, changes due to COVID-19 can equal new opportunities for career growth, both for those just entering the field and for looking to pivot to a new role

Third, more people are in demand for dental appointments. With the advancement of technology in the dental field, dental procedures are now less painful, less invasive, and take less time during the appointment which people who have had dental anxiety are more likely to start going to the dentist. Another reason there’s such high demand is that there are so many people in need of dental services. Baby boomers are the second most populous generation—and they’re getting older. But thanks to good oral hygiene, they’re keeping their original teeth longer and they’ll continue to need dental services. They may also need a little extra help when they visit the dentist. And finally, with COVID-19 being around, more offices are open and people have started venturing out and going to their dental appointments. Plus, dental assistants are the frontline to following the guidelines and managing patients as they come in.

If you are looking to gain a spot in the ever-growing industry of Dental Assisting, check out Sanger Education Dental Assisting School in Waco, Texas. Dental assistants are an integral part of dental offices running at peak performance. Set yourself apart from the field with a stellar dental assisting education in Central Texas. In just 12-short weeks, you can be a dental assistant and start your career in a vastly thriving industry.

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