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The Truth About Being A Dental Assistant

Dental assisting has proven to be the ideal profession for its unique blend of interpersonal, administrative, and clinical skills. A dental assistant is an allied health professional who performs various duties, such as preparing patients for treatments, cleaning dental instruments, scheduling appointments, maintaining patient records, or exposing dental x-rays. So, is dental assisting a good career? Here is the truth about being a dental assistant.

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I Never Knew How Much I Would Love Being a Dental Assistant

The truth is, many dental assistants didn’t realize just how fulfilling patient care would be. With their compassionate nature and dental training, many dental assistants say working with patients is the best part of their jobs. If you enjoy working with people, dental assisting may just be the right career choice for you. You are regularly interacting with other members of the dentist’s office as well as with patients. If socialization and having a positive impact on people’s lives is appealing to you, be sure to check out Sanger Education Dental Assisting School in Waco, Texas. We offer a 12-week, accelerated, hands-on, comprehensive training that prepares you for a career with a wide range of opportunities to give you better job options in the future.

I Never Knew How Rewarding It Was To Be a Dental Assistant

The truth is, most dental assistants entered the profession because they knew they wanted to help people. But many were unprepared for the emotional reward they would experience when seeing a patient smile for the first time in years. Dentists and dental office managers overwhelmingly agree that dental assistants contribute to quality patient care in many ways, such as by positively impacting patient retention (97%) and treatment plan acceptance (91%). 

I Never Knew I Would Be More Than a Dental Assistant

The truth is, dental assistants are rarely limited to just one or two duties around the office and instead perform many roles throughout the day. You will rarely be bored and will always have something to do. Dental assisting job duties can be quite varied, with no two days looking exactly alike. When working with patients, you will greet the patients, take them back to the room, take the patient’s vital signs, perform diagnostic testing, create laboratory molds, take x-rays, and assist the dentist through all visits and dental procedures. However, you might assist with billing, checking patients in and out, help with molds and impressions, and even sterilizing exam rooms and lab equipment. Beyond these duties that may be delegated to dental assistants, they provide support to patients before, during, and after their procedures, as well as assist the entire dental team to keep the practice running smoothly. You are the lifeblood of the practice.

Dental assisting is a very rewarding career and the truth is, most people who enter this career path stay for years and years. Sanger Education Dental Assisting School can help you refine your skills, as well as give you new ones so that you can become one of the best dental assistants in the field. One GREAT thing about Sanger Education’s accelerated Dental Assistant program in Waco, Texas, is that it doesn’t require years of schooling. You can graduate in just 12 short weeks, which means that you get to start your new career quickly. Contact us today!

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