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Dental Assistants Recognition Week

March 7-13 is National Dental Assistant Recognition Week (DARW). This year’s theme is “Dental Assistants – Our Heart Goes Into Every Smile.” Today’s dental assistants strengthen the entire practice and enhance patient satisfaction around the world. Dental assistants are committed to professional development and quality dental care to the practice and the patients. So, how can you celebrate and recognize the dental assistants in your office?

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  • Show Your Gratitude Through Words.

This one is fairly simple and virtually free to do. Have your staff sit down and write handwritten notes to each of your dental assistants. You would be surprised how nice it is to have some kind words or thoughts shared with you. Also, the words “thank you” are not always given. So, having the staff point out specific things that your dental assistants have done over the past year will really show them that you appreciate them. DARW 2021 is the perfect time to say thank you. 

  • Decorate Your Office.

Decorating your office is a great way to not only celebrate your dental assistants, but also can help get your patients involved. When your patients notice the decoration, it is a chance to tell your patients about your dental assistants and how you are celebrating DARW. You can even let them know the name of their dental assistant who will be greeting them and taking them back. You can even purchase flowers at the beginning of the week and keep them at reception and at the end of the week, they can take their flowers home. We find patients will comment on the flowers which is another way to talk about Dental Assistant Recognition Week. 

  • Provide Lunch For The Office.

Taking some time to spend together as an office is important. Why not use DARW 2021 as a great opportunity to have lunch together. Decorate the break room and you can either provide lunch for everyone or you could do a potluck. Everyone but the dental assistants can bring in a dish. You can even have it themed. This is a great chance to eat, chat, and recognize your dental assistants. 

  • Give Them Small Gifts & Treats.

If you have a decent budget, you can also give your dental assistants small gifts and treats each day during the week. You can even get your staff involved. We have seen some offices decorate a bag with each dental assistant’s name on it and set it up in the break room or their locker or cubby. Then each day, people can drop off a candy bar or a $5 gift card into their bag.

Dental assistants are the lifeblood of every practice. Don’t let Dental Assistants Recognition Week 2021 be just another week in your practice. Celebrate dental assistants by letting them know just how much of an impact they have on your practice, your patients, and your bottom line every day. Being a dental assistant is a gratifying job. If you are looking into switching careers or thinking about becoming a dental assistant in Waco, Texas, be sure to contact us at Sanger Education Dental Assistant school in Waco, TX for information on upcoming classes.

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