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Why You Should Become A Dental Assistant

Being a dental assistant is a very rewarding career. If you have been toying with the idea of becoming a dental assistant maybe this blog can help you decide. So, why should I choose to have a career in dental assisting? Here are some of the benefits of becoming a dental assistant.

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First, the great thing about being a dental assistant, you can start at any age. You don’t have to fresh out of high school in order to become a dental assistant. If you are thinking about making a career change, dental assisting might be the right for you. 

Second, it doesn’t take 4 years to become a registered dental assistant. Here at Sanger Education dental assisting school in Waco, Texas we offer a flexible, 12-week program. 6 weeks online and 6 weeks of hands-on training. You will be able to start a new career quickly. 

Third, being a dental assistant is a flexible career. When choosing which dental office you want to work for, you will be able to see the hours of operation. Most offices work your typical 9-5 with little to none overtime hours or weekend hours. Some places even allow you to work part-time. Dental assisting is a high-demand career so jobs are always available. Plus, you get to work anywhere. There are dental offices all over the country. So, you will have your choice in dental practices. 

Fourth, dental assisting is a very versatile profession. No two days are the same. You perform a variety of tasks so you are never bored. You are able to move around all day as well as have time to sit while performing office duties. Plus, a dental office is typically a clean, safe environment to work in.

Fifth, pay and benefits are great. Because the cost of training is pretty low, the pay is appealing. The average salary in Texas in 2020 was around 30-48K. And, if you are looking for a dental assistant career in Waco, Texas, the average salary was 27-43K in 2020. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, “Employment of dental assistants is projected to grow 18 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations.”


Sixth, being a dental assistant is a very positive career. You get to be a part of a team. There aren’t very many careers that you can start in just 12 short weeks where you get to work alongside a team of professionals. You get to interact with patients and have a positive impact on their lives and smiles. 

So, why should you become a dental assistant? Dental assistants are vital to how a dental office operates. They can’t do it without you. If you are looking to become a dental assistant in Central Texas, you should consider enrolling in Sanger Education dental assistant program in Waco, Texas. Sanger Education is the top Waco dental school

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