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Dental Assistant Tasks and Duties

So, you are thinking about becoming a dental assistant. You may be asking yourself what is a day in the life of a dental assistant? What are the job duties of a dental assistant? Well, the day in the life of a dental assistant is never dull. You will never have the same day twice and you will never be bored. So, what are the tasks and duties of a dental assistant?

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  • Clean and sanitize the examination room.
  • Greet the patient, take the patient to the room, and make sure they are comfortable.
  • Listen and understand the patient’s needs.
  • Get the patients’ medical history.
  • Take vital signs.
  • Take and pour dental impressions.
  • Sterilize dental equipment and instruments.
  • Take and process dental x-rays.
  • Prepare patients and operating rooms for procedures.
  • Make sure the proper instrumentation is ready for procedures.
  • Assist in dental procedures such as fillings, crowns, and extractions.
  • Operate equipment and monitors.
  • Make temporary crowns.
  • Prepare materials for restorative procedures.
  • Remove sutures.
  • Apply anesthetics.
  • Apply cavity-preventing material such as fluoride or sealants.
  • Teach patients how to have proper oral hygiene care.
  • Office duties such as:
    • Setting and confirming appointments
    • Updating and keeping up with dental records.
    • Following up with patients after dental procedures.
    • Checking patients in and out.
    • Handing billing.
    • Make reminder appointment calls.
    • Order and monitor office supplies.
  • Ask patients if they are ok during procedures.
  • Supply patients with headphones, earplugs, or eyewear.
  • Hand equipment and instruments to the dentist during procedures.
  • Assist in emergencies with CPR or first aid.
  • Plus, much more!


These are just a few tasks and duties of a dental assistant. You have to be flexible and versatile in order to keep up with the busy, always changing tasks. Dental assisting is a rewarding career. If you are interested in becoming a dental assistant in Central Texas, Sanger Education is a great Waco dental assistant school. If you have asked yourself where the best 12-week dental assistant program near me, look no further. Enroll at Sanger Education off of Sanger Ave in Waco, Texas.

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